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Risk Mitigation and Analysis

The number of fraud cases reported across government and industry are not slowing down, despite efforts and regulations to halt their progress. Criminals committing fraud adapt their “scheming” to try to beat regulations, anti-fraud methods, technology and controls.  Innoviss continues to pro actively support government customers prevent, detect, and deter fraud through proven risk mitigation solutions. This expertise is garnered from its long-standing heritage in conducting background investigations, and leading compliance and integrity initiatives for the Federal government. Utilizing secure systems and deployable solutions combined with subject matter experts , we offer processes, capability and technology to stay  step ahead to help mitigate risk.

At Innoviss we view background investigations as the “first line of defense” to obviate against potential threats to our national security. From this vantage point we take our business very seriously.  Our seasoned team of investigators, case managers and support personnel recognize that it is “what you don’t know” that can cause the most harm. As a result, our customers know they can count on our investigative services team for their tenacity and analytical focus.

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