Innoviss Quality Assurance


Innoviss, and its subsidiaries, MSM and AIM, are committed to the delivery of high-quality products and services that fully meet or exceed program quality and timeliness standards.  Our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) fosters teamwork and a customer partnership; promotes a climate that encourages and rewards openness, initiative, and change in the pursuit of quality and risk management.  The QAP emphasizes that quality is the responsibility of every employee.  QA planning and associated processes, supported by established and frequent customer communications and formal reporting, are required to ensure execution of program objectives, change management, and process improvement.  To this end, we implement QA processes on all contracts as well as internal business functions.  We conduct operations, production, services, inspector, and employee training in accordance with applicable standards.  In addition to quality checks and audits on processes, procedures, and deliverables, senior management regularly reviews the quality system.

Innoviss is fully committed to the highest standards of performance.  A strong corporate commitment to quality and effective QA planning and implementation ensure the successful achievement of quality and timeliness objectives.  We implement proven inspection services, QA processes, and continuous improvement to ensure we meet or exceed performance standards at all times.  In addition, we are committed to delivering quality inspection services and associated products.  Innoviss has made a corporate commitment to implement definitive Quality Management Systems (QMS) for all projects. 

Ensuring quality services begins with our corporate culture, which is focused on mission ownership and customer commitment.  Our QA goal is to integrate all available resources—people, processes, and technology—into all contract aspects as a critical value-added element of contract performance and mission success.  This approach ensures that Innoviss team employees, quality inspectors, and managers understand their personal roles to ensure that fulfillment of all customer-defined quality and timeliness requirements are routine.


Johnny St Clare –
QA Manager

8401 Connecticut Avenue
Suite 700
Chevy Chase, MD
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