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Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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The cloud-first policy has now taken hold within the federal government – and for good reason.  Cloud computing provides reduced cost of operation, increased speed and business agility – and it’s ready to scale to meet any demand.  Innoviss has invested heavily in our own virtualized private cloud networks – it’s how we get our job done a daily basis, and it’s how we are able to service defense and government customers from a true position of experience.  We make cloud computing and virtualization a reality, we make it scalable, and we make it secure. Our virtual networks that we operate on in our daily enterprise are among the most secure networks in the industry. Innoviss stands ready to help agencies to choose the right model, define optimum service level agreements, and begin transforming their infrastructure today.

Innoviss delivers innovative solutions for:

  • Virtualized networks
  • Industry leading cloud environment security
  • Cloud computing environments
  • Private cloud networks
  • Business practice transformation

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