AIM.jpgAIM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Innoviss, Inc., is located in San Antonio, Texas. AIM, with its sister company MSM Security Services are principally engaged in the research, design, development, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. AIM has robust experience and skills in IT and IA infrastructure that provides innovative solutions to the DoD, government, and various federal and military healthcare customers.

• Solid Past Performance in Military Healthcare Solutions and IT Integration within Department of Defense (DOD), Veteran's Administration (VA), and Military Health Services (MHS)

• Access to Large Network of Military Healthcare and Tri-Service Subject Matter Experts

• Long-term Working Relationships within Army, Air Force, and Navy Healthcare stakeholders

• Broad Range of Medical IT Support for Military Inpatient, Outpatient, and Clinical Research

• CIO Level IT Strategy and Governance Support



• Evaluation Design & Implementation
• Life Cycle Cost & Sustainability
• Program/Project/Operations Management
• Systems Integration
• Network Engineering
• Implementation & Training
• Performance Measurement & Quality
• Risk Mitigation
• Data Quality and Analysis
• Change Management
• Help Desk
• Database Administration
• Information Assurance

• Business Process Re engineering
• Requirements Development
• Portfolio Analysis
• Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Development
• Strategic Planning
• Enterprise Architecture Development
• DODAF Integrated Architecture



• Evidence Based Practice Policy
• Clinical Research
• Patient Safety
• Training

AIM Past Performance Highlights:


US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM)

AIM provides a full range of military healthcare IT strategy and governance as well as  portfolio management to Army Medical facilities world-wide.


Navy Medicine Information Systems Support Activity (NAVMISSA)

AIM manages Navy unique medical databases and provides medical systems training services for the Defense Occupational and Environment Health Readiness System (DOEHRS) as well as provides Tier II Helpdesk IT Support for the Expense Assignment System IV (EAS IV).

sammc bamc

San Antonio Military Medical Center and
Brook Army Medical Center SAMMC (BAMC)

San Antonio Military Medical Center (BAMC) Aim delivers BRAC-related engineering and IT infrastructure support and has provided hospital lead medical clerical and administrative services for six different critical care clinics.


United States Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC)

AIM supported the Veterinary Services Systems Management (VSSM) program management office with help desk, sustainment, and image management services.

us army

US Army

  - USAISR (United States Army Institute of Surgical Research)
  - JTTR (Joint Theater Trauma Registry)

AIM provides program management as well as clinical research nursing and training.